Take your peanut butter blossoms from basic to BOMB

Heyyyyy guys.

It’s only been a week but it feels like forever since I wrote my last blog post. I simultaneously love and hate how busy the holiday season is.

This weekend was full of Christmasy activities. Friday night I attended my third annual cookie party with my girlfriends, and it was a blast as usual. This year we made peanut butter blossoms. Our cookie choice seems to get increasingly simpler every year since we’re more concerned with catching up and playing games and drinking than the actual cookies 😉

Since peanut butter blossoms are pretty basic, I’m not going to go into how to make them. Instead, we were chatting about how you could take peanut butter blossoms up a notch and make ’em a little more special (and tasty), so I’ll share some of our ideas!

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