How to make an oatmeal raisin cookie cake

Happy February!

Normally I wouldn’t be so thrilled about February, but it seems like January was SO. LONG. It didn’t help that I was sick most of the month (yes, month), and was mostly confined to the couch. Despite that, I did manage to keep baking! There are four people with birthdays in the span of two weeks in January, so I had to keep up 😊 Unfortunately between that and being crazy busy at work, I haven’t kept up with blogging like I’d like.

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How to make the very best chocolate fudge cake

Week two is here! This time I tried my hand at Mary Berry’s Very Best Chocolate Fudge Cake.

When I brought my leftover lemon Madeira cake to work last Monday, I think my coworkers expected a moist, typical American-style cake. Some people said it was like eating cornbread, and others complained they had to bite-sip-bite-sip with some coffee (that’s how the Brits do it, people!). The recipe didn’t call for any liquids so the consistency made sense. But this time…

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How to make lemon Madeira cake

Week one! First recipe: Madeira cake.

I had never even heard of this before seeing it on Bake Off, but Madeira cake is a dense sponge cake that’s commonly flavored with lemon zest (or other citrus flavor) and topped with a slice of peel.

I love lemon anything so I was excited for this one.

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She’s here!

Yay! My copy of Mary Berry’s Baking Bible arrived today and I couldn’t wait to crack it open.

Mary Berry is the queen of cakes and I fell in love with her on The Great British Bake Off (Great British Baking Show in the states). I like GBBO because unlike the baking shows here, everything looks rustic and delicious rather than garish (as Mary would say). Watch it on Netflix to hear the accents if nothing else.

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