10 things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving


Hope your Thursday is full of good food, family, and football. I’m not even a huge fan of football, but the sounds of the game in the background are quintessential Thanksgiving IMO.

When I was originally planning what to write this week, I was going to talk about the best Black Friday deals I’ve seen on some baking necessities. But then I remembered that’s totally not the reason for the season and I’m not going to feed the capitalistic consumerist beast (with the exception of #9 below 😊). Plus, I’m sure you’re capable of looking up the kajillion ads online.

Instead, I’m going to write the obligatory “what I’m thankful for” post. But even though I say it in jest, I have a lot to be thankful for – especially this year. This year has been INSANE, full of some tough times but way more happy ones. We go around the table every year saying what we’re thankful for, so this year I’m gonna pull out my entire list:

  1. My readers. Seriously, you guys, readers of this blog. I appreciate you taking time to read my little blog among the sea of billions of big blogs.
  2. My husband. Eric and I got married this year and it was perfect and magical and ended on a high note with me puking in my wedding dress and telling everyone how I met my best friends (Drunk History-style). Let’s just say I had A LOT of fun. 😊 But more important than the wedding, I got to marry a near-perfect guy who’s my perfect partner in crime. wedding15
  3. My health. I’m fortunate to be healthy and fit and active. Eric and I started working out at a new gym that we both LOVE, so I’m glad we’re working on our fitness (he’s my witness).
  4. My new home. We also bought a house for the first time this year, which felt very scary and adult-ish, but also really awesome. We were able to get something in our dream neighborhood, and we take a lot of pride in our little bb bungalow. We had some minor renovations done (we removed the wall between the dining and living room) and it keeps feeling more and more like *ours* every day. home1
  5. My family. They’re the coolest. They’re so chill and loving and supportive of everything my sister and I do. (Did you see the comment my Aunt and Grandma left on this blog post? BRB bawling my eyes out.) Plusssssss, I have a nephew now and he’s THE CUTEST. I love being an auntie.
  6. My pets. I’ve got a fat cat named Lucy and a crazy basset hound named Gus (basset hounds AREN’T as docile as they look). Gus and Luc are cute and cuddly and entertain me every day with their big personalities. IMG_2139
  7. My friends. I’m grateful to have a solid handful of very best friends, and a whole extended group of great new friends thanks to Eric. Nothing is better than being surrounded and supported by low key, genuinely cool and caring people. friendsfriends2
  8. My job. What can I say? Work is work. But I have a good job that affords me a lot of things and provides health insurance so I could get an IUD (yay birth control!).
  9. My Roomba. And KitchenAid mixer. Ok, I know that’s two, but I’m trying to limit the material items. But for real, these two things make my life a whole lot easier.
  10. My reality TV shows. Ahh, my guilty pleasure. I know it’s not cool to admit you love reality TV, but I do, and I’m thankful for it. Why? Because sometimes I just want to zone out and watch someone else’s drama and appreciate that my life isn’t that insane. My favorites: Real Housewives of OC and The Bachelor/Bachelorette. rhoc-911-12

There ya have it! Hopefully you have a chance this week to stop and reflect on what you’re thankful for. Aside from Thanksgiving, I’m looking forward to Frankenmuth on Friday. Eric and I go every year to kick off the Christmukkah season and go nuts at Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland and Zehnder’s.

Have a great holiday.


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