Hello Fresh giveaway: Two weeks of free meals

***Update 11/21: This giveaway has ended. Congrats to the winner Missy on Instagram! Check back for more great giveaways!***

Hey everyone, happy Terrific Tuesday!

I’m making Terrific Tuesday a thing because Tuesdays are actually the worst, so maybe I can change my mindset 🙂

Today I’m doing a giveaway and this is NOT SPONSORED. Eric and I just really love Hello Fresh. And they sent us some vouchers for a couple weeks of free meals, so I’m passing them on to you! Keep reading for details on how to enter.

Like I mentioned in Why I started Beginner Bakes, I’m lucky that Eric cooks almost every night of the week. However, all that meal planning takes SO. MUCH. TIME. and we were really in a rut when it came to dinner (we were basically eating the same five meals every week). I’m vegetarian, so that limited our options even more.

A friend of ours was using a meal subscription service regularly and raved about it, so we decided to give one a try. Altogether, we ended up trying three: Plated, Blue Apron, and Hello Fresh.

Hello Fresh was by far our favorite (the recipes are great and relatively healthy, and the portion sizes are perfect), so we decided to sign up with them. Now, we get three dinners delivered every week, which cuts down on the amount of meal planning we have to do, and we always have something new to try (no more rut!). If you select the vegetarian package, there are only three options a week, so the three you see are the three you get. However, if you aren’t veg, there are lots of meals to choose from. I don’t mind not being able to choose because it’s really gotten me out of my food comfort zone! But if there’s ever a week where we’re not feelin’ the recipes (which has only been one in the past couple months), you can always skip a week.


This Roasted Cauliflower Flatbread is on the schedule for next week – I can’t wait!

Hello Fresh is also great because most recipes only take 30 minutes to make, and all the ingredients are included and pre-portioned out. It’s nice because now we’re not buying a whole package of fresh herbs (for example), using a sprig, and throwing the rest out because it goes bad (I hate wasting food and $$$). Plus, it saves a lot of time on busy nights when we workout after work and aren’t eating until 7:30-8:00.

You can get between 2-4 meals delivered each week (the box arrives on Tuesdays) and you can choose from three plans: Veggie, Classic, or Family. We have a friend who orders food for two so she can make it all, eat one portion for dinner, and bring the other to work for lunch the next day (genius, right?!).

Side note: Almost everything that comes from Hello Fresh, from the box to the ingredient packaging, is recyclable. This is important to me because there is quite a bit of packaging involved.

So, now that I’ve sold you on Hello Fresh (though that totally wasn’t my intention, we just for real love it), I want you to try it out too!

hello fresh voucher

I’m giving away a week of free meals to TWO different winners (total value $139.90) – here on my blog and on my IG @beginnerbakes.

To enter on beginnerbakes.com:

  1. Follow my blog
  2. Comment on this post and tag a friend you’d make dinner for!
  3. Have your friend follow the blog, too

To enter on Instagram @beginnerbakes:

  1. Like my post and follow my account
  2. Tag a friend you’d make dinner for in the comments
  3. Have your friend like and follow my account, too

Easy peasy! You can enter in both places as many times as you’d like by tagging different friends. The voucher can only be used by people who haven’t tried Hello Fresh out yet, so if you have already, feel free to still enter and give it to a friend!

The giveaway starts today, 11/14, and I’ll announce the two winners on Tuesday, 11/21. Good luck!


Food photo from Hello Fresh


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